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PCT photos

Posted by on September 14, 2015
I have been home for just over a month now, and finally finished going through the 2,300 photos I took of the PCT on my camera. It was impossible to condense the trail down to the top 100ish photos, since 2,650 miles holds a lot of beauty that can’t be captured in so few scenes. Therefore, I have divided my trip into 4 sections: SoCal, NorCal, Oregon, and Washington. In each of the albums below, you can find 60-150 photos from each of these sections. I hope you enjoy them.
And for those of you who are really into looking at someone else’s photos: here are the best of my PCT photos. Beware: there are 775 photos to look at in this album. It contains all of the pictures in the four sections above, as well as some additional photos that I liked.
Thanks again for following me on my travels and enjoy reliving these moments.
Lisa (Epic!)

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