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PCT prep


Jacob and I spent this morning in San Diego getting ready for tomorrow, when I hit the trail. Here is all of the gear that I’m taking with me, including the clothes I’ll wear, my food, and water. And here’s my food for the first 5 days. Now its time to relax, eat fish tacos, … Continue reading »

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Heading off!

This is my last post before I head off for my next adventure! In just a few hours, I’ll be headed to San Diego. Jacob is coming to see me off and we’re staying with some friends from grad school whom we haven’t seen in far too long. It will be great to catch up … Continue reading »

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To further prepare for the PCT, I have also been doing as much physical training as possible. In September 2014 I started going to a 45-minute outdoor cross training class every weekday morning. All of the squats, lunges and kettle bell swings I have been doing have made a huge difference, for both my strength … Continue reading »

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Every ultralight backpacker is constantly trying to cut ounces from the weight they have to carry and I am no exception. I knew that the gear that I typically use while backpacking would be too heavy for a long distance hike, so I did a lot of research and spent a good amount of money … Continue reading »

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backpacking food

A lot of people have asked me what I’m going to eat while hiking the PCT. Since food has been the biggest part of my preparations, I wanted to include an entry devoted to it alone. Hiking 15-30 miles per day requires a lot of calories, but the heavier the food, the more you have … Continue reading »

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PCT 101

I’m reviving my blog (with a new look and design) in preparation of my next adventure: hiking the Pacific Crest Trail! The Pacific Crest Trail, or PCT, is a 2,650 mile long trail that stretches from the border of Mexico into Canada, going through the mountains of California, Oregon, and Washington. Here’s a nice picture … Continue reading »

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