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Posted by on July 10, 2015

Fox and Rocky Point have the goal of finishing the PCT by the end of July so they have been hiking 32+ miles per day  to get through Oregon in under two weeks. They have been good company and consequently I have been going faster than I thought.
The day after Crater Lake, we mostly hiked through forests. Early in the morning we passed the highest point on the trail in Oregon and Washington.


There are still a lot of mosquitoes everywhere and we only get relief during the middle of the day but at least the temperatures have cooled off considerably. It has only been in the 80s most days and drops into the 50s at night so sleeping is a lot more pleasant.
The three of us hiked together through the woods and played some games to pass the time. One of us would name an actor and we would go around naming movies he/she had been in. The first person who couldn’t name a movie lost. I was horrible at this game and lost nearly every round, except for one.
The highlight of the day was getting a few views.



We camped near a pond, which, although mosquitoes were everywhere, allowed me to wash my feet and legs before going to bed and that is a luxury I have not experienced in a while.

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