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Seiad Valley

Posted by on July 1, 2015

I didn’t know it at the time, but I had made it to the top of the ridge the night before which worked out well. I was up early and started hiking when the temperature wasn’t too bad. There was a long flat section with mostly dead trees. Some had been burned, but some were just dead.
Luckily I left that area and got to some places that were much more scenic.


I went down a huge hill into a narrow valley with a river at the bottom. I crossed the river several times and a few times I had to Ford because the bridge had been burned or washed away.


It was so hot out that I was actually very happy to walk through the cool water with my shoes on. It helped to cool my feet a lot. I even dunked my hat at one point. It was a hot and sweaty walk. And then I got to the road.
The trail followed an unpaved road for three miles then a paved road into the town of Seiad Valley.


The last few miles down to and over the Klamath river were the worst. It was so hot and the sun was just beating down with no shade. I wanted to get to the store before it closed at 8 pm and I didn’t have much time to spare.
When I was less than half a mile away and really flagging, a car pulled over and a woman offered me some cold watermelon she had just cut up. It was amazing!! Cold and juicy and sweet. Just what I needed to get me the rest of the way!
When I got to the store I found a bunch of hikers there: Seven, Breathless, Indy, Huck, and heard that I just missed a few others. Even with taking 2.5 days off I had caught up with a lot of people quickly. They had been there all afternoon and left while I was in the store. It was unbearably hot, even at 6 pm.
When I picked up my box I also got a pint of ice cream and a quart of orange juice. I downed both in ten minutes.
I was going to stay at the RV park, but it was not very inviting so after the shortest resupply yet, I got back on the trail at 8:30 pm. I departed the road after less than a mile, then started to climb. I got about another mile before it was dark and in a small campsite I found Thunder, Red Bass, and Ice Cream. It was the hottest night yet and I only got in my sleeping bag to avoid the bugs.
I hiked 40.5 miles that day. A new personal record!

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