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more GIS

Posted by on December 17, 2011

We had a second session of GIS training this morning and I think this one went better since it was more practical information and less theoretical concepts. There were even some questions from the staff, which shows they are really thinking. It was raining so we weren’t able to go out and actually use the GPS units, but I went over how to use them and we’ll try to go out tomorrow.

This afternoon just flew by with organizing other aspects of the study and making sure Salome and I got everything done before the office closes for the holidays on Friday. I trained Salome in how to enter data into the access database and I showed her how to create Google docs for Skype agendas and to-do lists. She’s a pretty slow at typing but hopefully she will improve.

In the evening I updated my resume and wrote cover letters for four jobs and applied to all of them. That took all evening. I also got rejected from one of the fellowships I applied to, so now there’s even more pressure to find a job by the end of January. John said he will try to find some additional funds for me so I can continue working on this project, but that’s no guarantee.

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