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heading home

Posted by on December 17, 2011

I planned on going for a nice long run this morning to really stretch my legs before all of my flights but it was raining so that didn’t work out. It was probably for the best since I had a very busy morning getting everything all packed and ready to go. I talked to Jacob on Skype one last time, then made my breakfast of one egg and two pieces of toast (all that’s left of my food). I packed up most of my stuff then went to the Avondale shops one last time to find the 100 trillion dollar note for Nat. I should have gotten the note a few weeks ago when I was there because the price has gone up now ($6 instead of $5). With everything packed up, I spent the last few minutes in my flat frantically ordering Christmas presents for my family on line (they should arrive in time everyone!). Just before noon, Deborah, who lives below me, took me to the airport and I arrived there an hour and a half before my flight to Jo-burg.

Sadly, I forgot to renew my visa in November so I had to pay $100 fine for not doing so (thank you CEND), but they let me go through immigration and didn’t even question me about the length of my stay.

And now I’m waiting for my flight to Jo-burg to board. It’s two hours there, then I have a 4 hour layover before my marathon 17 hour flight to Atlanta! I have just over an hour in Atlanta, then it’s only another 5 hours to San Francisco. With luck, I will get home Sunday morning, which will be after midnight in Harare. 30+ hours and over 10,000 miles later I will be home in Jacob’s arms!!

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