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Craft Fair

Posted by on December 11, 2011

I went for a long run this morning since it was nice and cool. I did a better job than my first run in Avondale and I only had to stop for directions once since I didn’t do my typical route. I ended up running past the area where I got lost the first time and if I had known to keep going straight then instead of turning like I did, the run would have been much shorter. Oh well, that’s how you learn.

After breakfast I went with Vee and one of her friends to a craft fair sponsored by the German society in Harare. I didn’t know that there were many Germans in Zimbabwe, but it makes sense since it’s quite close to Namibia which was a German colony at one point.

The fair was pretty similar to what you would see in the States around Christmas time: there were tables selling handmade soaps, jewelry, knitted and crocheted things, etc. Nothing was exactly German and only some of the stuff was truly African but I thought it was interesting to walk around and see what creative things people are making. Vee and her friend were a bit disappointed in the selection and lack of German things; I guess past years have been better in those regards.

I bought a pair of shoes which are super cute. They are a local brand (made in Zimbabwe) but have been cut up and recovered with fabric and fancy stitching. The woman making them was really nice and she had all sorts of colors and sizes. I also learned that the shoe sizing is very different here. In the US I wear a 9 or 9.5, but here I wear a 6! And there are no half sizes. It made me feel like I have small feet. And now I don’t feel so bad when Salome brags about her size 5 feet (which I think are really a six because her shoes are too small for her).

We spent about an hour browsing but then came to the end and headed back.

I didn’t have much going on for the rest of the day so I worked on some presentations then did some reading. By that time it started raining and I didn’t feel like getting wet so I spent the remainder of the day indoors.

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