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Robinson Crusoe

Posted by on December 3, 2011

My life has gotten rather boring here and I’ll spare you the details of work, which of late has mostly involved sitting at an uncomfortable desk and working on an Access database or entering data all day. Even my evenings are not exciting: I walk home from work, read, eat leftovers for dinner, perhaps watch a movie or read some more and go to bed around 11. Nothing interesting happened on Wednesday, so I’ll leave that out entirely.

Jake left to go back to Colorado today so now I’ll have even less to do in the evenings since I don’t have anyone to hang out with.

Tonight, however, I did manage to go to a play since our Skype call with John was postponed until Friday morning. A local theater group (which I think is associated with a school) opened a new play, “Robinson Crusoe” this evening at a theater not far from my house. Since the show started at 6:30 pm, I was able to walk there before it got dark which was great.

Since it was opening night all tickets were half price ($6 instead of $12) and pensioners (retirees) got in for free. The pensioners came by the busload, literally! There were several shuttle buses from what I assume were retirement homes in the parking lot. I think most of the audience was either above 65 years old or related to one of the case members; and then there was me.

The play was advertised as a pantomime and at first I thought that meant no talking and I was a bit skeptical at first. However, by “pantomime” I think they really mean “cabaret” or “vaudeville” because there was definitely talking, and singing, and dancing. A number of the actors were adults but there were some children as well. The children didn’t have many lines, but they sang some songs and danced around. Robinson Crusoe’s mother was played by a man which was quite funny and for the most part the actors were good. You could tell it was opening night, because there was some stumbling over lines and such but nothing awful.

And there was a lot of audience interaction. Every time Blackbeard the pirate came on stage people booed and at one point some kids were brought up on stage to sing a song. At the end they passed out candy to everyone and had a sing along. It was mostly meant for kids and families, but it was really cute and had a happy ending. It was certainly worth $6 and was a great value for two hours of entertainment.

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