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Heat wave

Posted by on December 3, 2011

After the cool rains of last weekend, it is hot again! It’s been getting warmer since Wednesday, but today has been the worst. It hit 33 degrees this afternoon (that’s 92 degrees F) and it was miserable. Even with all of the office windows open and the fan going I felt like I was melting. I am so glad I bought these new dresses because I’m wearing them twice a week.

The project is starting to wind down a bit for the year because everyone goes on holiday on December 16. Even though that’s two weeks away, the lab doesn’t want to take in any more samples because no one will be around to finish processing them in a few weeks. John was a bit upset about that when we spoke to him on Skype, but I kind of like it because I have enough other things to do in my remaining two weeks here.

After work I was reading in my living room, trying to not be so hot, when I heard a call from outside: it was Vee inviting me down for a glass of wine with her and Gabriel, the woman who lives directly below me and who returned from a holiday in the US just yesterday. I went down and sat at the picnic table under the tree for the first time and nearly felt cool. The evenings are quite pleasant here after being so hot during the day and it’s really nice to sit outside in a sleeveless dress at 8 pm and not be freezing. That’s something I can never do in Berkeley.

It was really pleasant to sit and chat with these two older women. They gave me a lot of advice on my upcoming trip to Victoria Falls, which was great. It’s about 1000 times better here than at the other place I was staying!

Eventually we all got hungry for dinner and went our separate ways but I got invited to a craft fair on Saturday morning with Vee so at least I have one thing to do this weekend.

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