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Posted by on November 26, 2011

I went for a run this morning and kept better track of where I was so I didn’t get lost this time. I even found a few people out for exercise as well! Not many people here exercise in general. I think walking far distances is only done by people who can’t afford transport and not many people would ever think about running. But I saw a few people walking their dogs and one lady out for exercise. There are a few hills in the neighborhood which makes it much more interesting to run around. I even found one street where the road ends at the base of a large hill. I was going to turn around when I saw some people walking up it so I decided to check it out. The hill is quite steep (I would compare it to the blocks of Marin above The Circle) and there’s just a dirt path between the tree roots so you really have to watch your step! When I got to the top I saw two guys stretching their legs, having just come up the other side. They gave me very impressed looks as I zoomed away downhill.

Have I mentioned that the roads here are not very good? There are a lot of potholes and you really have to watch out while driving. I roads are far worse than in Michigan! Sometimes when the potholes get too deep, someone fills them with old bricks to level out the road a bit. I’ve never seen that before and wonder how long the bricks last with so many cars running over them.

Nothing really notable happened at work. Since I finished the chili for lunch I made paella for dinner. I’m quite bad at making a reasonable amount of food for one person so I end up with a ton of leftovers whenever I cook. It’s great for lunches but I get a bit tired of the same meal all week.

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