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Daytime shopping

Posted by on November 7, 2011

This morning I decided to go running before work. To get to the office by 8 am, I run from 6-6:30 then shower, eat and head for the combi stop. To my surprise the gate wouldn’t open when I pressed the button; the padlock was still on from last night. Now, instead of being locked out, I am locked in! Yet another reason to find another place to stay.

After Salome got to work, we decided to go back to MRCZ to submit our study flyer. Salome came directly to work from her home outside of Gweru (a 4 hour drive away) so she didn’t have her car today. We took an informal combi to MRCZ and there we were told we needed to say in our cover letter that we wanted the paperwork expedited otherwise it wouldn’t be looked at until the full committee met at the end of the month. Strike 2 for us.

Since we were near to a large shopping center and we desperately needed printer ink, we decided to go there and look around. We didn’t find ink but we did get a desk calendar, push pins and a second cooler box, all of which were on our “to buy” list. I also got postcards and stamps and tweezers (I left mine at home). It was great to get out of the office and have a nice shopping experience in the middle of the day.

We spent some time in the afternoon working on the cover letter and various other things until we really needed to print something. We asked around and found a shop that sold the ink we needed. They only had black and we really needed yellow and magenta but they said they would order it for us. Based on their customer service, I am not convinced they will do anything but I guess we’ll find out.

The office really clears out at 4:30 and we were not far behind. I think I almost know where to go to get the combi home, but Salome went with me one more time, just to be sure.

In the evening the power went out for a while, but then came back on which was good because I needed to charge my laptop overnight. “The Hobbit” is going well so far and after this I plan to read “The Lord of the Rings”.

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