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Long travels

Posted by on October 29, 2011

I left home this morning to start my latest adventures in Zimbabwe. I was bringing a lot of lab supplies because they are hard to get in Zim and more expensive. I essentially packed all of my clothes for two months in a carry-on bag that did not need to come back to the US (thanks Megan and Kevin) and bought a new large suitcase for the supplies. The bag was over the 50 lb limit thanks to two reams of paper so I just paid the outrageous $75 fee. Thanks fellowship!
Southern Africa is on the other side of the world and you really realize that when you fly there—it takes a very long time! Here’s a breakdown of my trip:

SFO to Atlanta: 4 hours on Delta (poor service, pay for food, headsets and movies); read a novel
ATL: 3 hour layover: finished book, started second book, worked on paper, texted Jacob
Atlanta to Johannesburg: 15 hours on Delta (better service, free movies, 3 meals, very loud): watched 4.5 movies (Jane Eyre, X-Men First Class, Red Riding Hood, half of Sherlock Holmes and something else) slept for 6 hours, read more book
JNB: 1.5 hour layover: listened to live band, wandered airport being tired, read
JNB to Harare: 1.5 hours on South African Airways; got upgraded to business when a guy wanted to sit next to his buddies. Full meal with drinks served on table cloth with real silver ware and glass; if only I could fly like this always
Arrived in Harare at 9:30 pm Tuesday, Oct 25 (local time).


John, my mentor was waiting to pick me up, which was really great. We took a taxi to the Bronte Hotel, a three star hotel in the Harare city center. After checking in and taking a much longed for shower, I sent a quick e-mail then went to bed.

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