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Last field day

Posted by on July 14, 2011

On Tuesday only Makame was available to go into the field so Tanya and I went together while Jaclyn and Hai stayed home to work on some reports. We had a great day up in the northwestern area. We mapped 20 cases and completed all mapping activities in three different shehias. Tanya and I took a bunch of photos and videos for our program as well. We didn’t accomplish quite everything we wanted to because one health facility was closed by the time we were ready to go there, but overall it was a good last day in the field.

We got home around 3 pm and I had some lunch then read a little bit and took a short nap. Hai made dinner for the first time that night and it was decent although he needs some practice timing things and choosing the courses. He made pasta and sauce with curried potatoes and garlic bread (also known as starch, starch, and starch). First he cooked the pasta then started making the sauce and once those were done he started on the potatoes. It was a fine first attempt and hopefully he gets better.

After dinner the girls went to the book club meeting and returned the books we had checked out last month. I wrote down some book titles to read when I get home. We had to leave the book club early so Tanya and I could get into town for drinks with Ranil and company.

We met at the Serena Hotel, which is the fanciest place in Stone Town. The food is very expensive but we shared samosas and a veggie burger which were not too highly priced. Deler got a bottle of champagne for the table to give Ranil a proper farewell toast and we had a great time hanging out. Since Ranil’s flight was at 5 am, he didn’t want to stay out too late so we got a lift home from him around midnight. I have been staying up later than usual here and getting up between 6 and 6:30 every day which has led to some tired afternoons; hence the nap.

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