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Last day in Zanzibar

Posted by on July 14, 2011

Wednesday was my last full day in Zanzibar! I decided to go to the office with Tanya to say goodbye to everyone while Jaclyn and Hai went into the field. Sadly, most of the people I had interacted with most were not around so I didn’t get to properly say goodbye. Also, there was no power in the office and the generator was broken so we didn’t have any internet access and couldn’t print anything which made working pretty impossible. Since we couldn’t do anything, we left the office around 11:30 and went to town for lunch. I had my last bunny chow and juice at Lazuli and they were so good. It’s probably my favorite restaurant in Stone Town and I’m going to miss the fresh fruit juice which is blended with ice and is so good.

After lunch we biked toward home and stopped at Mbweni Café which has free internet access. We found Hai there eating lunch so we joined him and cruised the internet for a few hours. It will be nice to be home and have better access to the news. I really have not been able to keep up the world news very well and I hope someone will update me when I get home.

In the evening we went out for dinner at a new restaurant called House of Spice. Tanya and I shared a vegetable pizza and seafood linguini and they were both so good. We also got an appetizer of eggplant with mango and avocado salsa which was amazing. Sometimes I miss the variety of foods I can get in the US but then I eat really good food here and it makes up for it. I have probably gained five pounds since coming here with all the eating I have done.

After dinner we went to Tatu to watch the end of another women’s soccer game. Japan crushed Sweden in the semi-finals and will now play the US in the finals on Friday. Maybe I’ll watch the final if I’m home and awake then.
And thus ended my final day in Zanzibar. Right now it is Thursday, just before noon and I’m back at Mbweni Café using their internet to post my last blog entries before I go to the airport in an hour. I’ll probably post one more entry with the final pictures when I get home. Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll see you in person soon.

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