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Office day

Posted by on July 7, 2011

Since our cleaning lady didn’t have time to wash our sheets on Monday afternoon, she came back to our house on Tuesday morning to do the laundry. I stayed home while she was here and Tanya went to the office while Jaclyn and Hai did some more mapping. It was nice to have the morning sort of off. I read about a third of “The Invisible Man” by H.G. Wells.

The laundry was hanging to dry by noon and I ate some lunch quickly then biked to the office to help Tanya. The office was chaos! Three of the district supervisors had come in that morning and brought in over 300 malaria cases. There were folders with questionnaires and samples everywhere. Poor Tanya! She spent the entire morning counting samples, paying the supervisors, and doing the accounting all alone. At 1 pm she still hadn’t had lunch. When I got there we still had to deal with over 80 cases and make sure that everything was accounted for. It took two of us the entire afternoon to organize things again and we still left the office with piles of data surrounding the desk and more to come the following day.

After work we took a well-earned swim at our local beach. Sadly, Hai doesn’t really swim but he wanted to come so we hung out with him in the shallow water a bit and tried to give him some swimming tips. Then Tanya and I swum out and watched a gorgeous sunset over the ocean. The clouds were just coming in and they obscured the sun for a few moments, but just as it was on the horizon, the sun broke through and shone really deep reddish purple. It was spectacular.
On the way home we stopped and got some vegetables then made an excellent dinner of glazed carrots, curry potatoes, and stir-fried green peppers and beans. It was a nice change from our typical one pot curry meal.

After dinner everyone had to change bedrooms because Bryan was arriving in the morning and he’s too tall to sleep comfortably in one of the twin beds in Hai’s room. Now Tanya and I are sharing the room with two twin beds, Jaclyn moved to my room, Hai moved to Jaclyn’s room, and Bryan will take Tanya’s room. It was really complicated. Luckily we all had nice clean sheets and not too much stuff to move.

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