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4th of July

Posted by on July 7, 2011

Monday was a very boring day. I went to the office while Tanya, Jaclyn, and Hai split up and did some mapping. Meanwhile, (back at the ranch) I organized RDTs for our advisor, Bryan, to take back to UCSF and I cut filter paper packets in half and organized them. The highlight of my day was using the barcode scanner a lot.

I went home at 2:30 in order to meet a cleaning lady who was going to make our house livable again. We don’t have a lot of stuff so the house isn’t messy but a lot of dirt gets inside despite leaving our shoes outside and the bathrooms and kitchen needed a good scrubbing. The girl who came didn’t speak much English but I was able to get across what we needed. She spent three hours cleaning and didn’t even get to washing the sheets like we wanted (we were out of laundry detergent so that worked out though). At least the soles of my feet are no longer black from walking around the house. We paid her 20,000 TSH ($13) for her hard work and felt like we got a pretty good deal.

In the evening, Tanya, Hai and I went into town to meet up with the other Americans to celebrate America’s Independence Day. There were no fireworks here or anything and there’s not even a good burger place on the island so we went to La Taverna, the really good Italian restaurant and had pizza for dinner. That’s American, right? The friends we met up with were going out for drinks afterward but I was a bit tired and we were next to the dalla dalla stop with a bus going toward our house so we just got on that and went home.

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