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Posted by on July 4, 2011

We got up at around 7 am wanting to go running but the tide was still too high and water covered most of the beach. Instead we took an early morning swim in the ocean to get some exercise. After showering we went to the complimentary breakfast and gorged on bread, mandazi, fruit, chappati, and fresh juice. When I was already feeling full, the waiter came by and asked if we wanted to order an omelet or pancakes. We decided to split a vegetable omelet and some banana pancakes. I was really glad that we went for that swim! It was all very good and very filling.

We were able to get a late check out because no one had booked our room for that night so we were able to leave our stuff inside and get ready for a walk. Sadly, it started to rain again just as we were headed out. We didn’t want to get wet since we had to ride home later so we sat in the common room and tried to learn the local game of Bao. The staff couldn’t really explain the rules well and when we looked them up on-line they were really complicated so we gave on that idea after about an hour.

It stopped raining in the early afternoon so we were able to take a walk along the beach in the opposite direction. We walked around the northern most tip of the island and continued south along the eastern side. We passed a lot of resorts then a part of the beach with a lot of seaweed and fishing boats, then the local part of town and finally we came to the fanciest resort I have ever seen in my life. I was sad that I didn’t have my camera but I left it at the hotel in case it rained. I would have liked to get pictures of this place. There was a guard standing at the stairs leading up but he said we could take a look around. There was a huge infinity pool set in this perfectly manicured lawn and surrounding the pool were these small bungalows, all with floor to ceiling windows. Set back from the cliff edge was a huge building with a thatched roof with a solid glass front. It looked unbelievably expensive. Out on a jetty was the resort’s restaurant and we went to look at the menu. Everything was priced in US dollars, which gives you an idea of the cost. The bathroom in the restaurant had motion activated lights and smelled so good. I wonder what the rooms we like. I don’t think I could ever afford to stay at a place like that and I don’t know if I would want to anyway.

We turned around after that huge resort because the beach didn’t look very inviting and headed back to our hotel. We laid on the deck chairs and read our books then ordered some lunch at 2:30 when we were finally feeling hungry again.
Finally around 4 pm we decided it was time to head back even though neither of us wanted to go. The hotel owner had arranged a taxi for us because he knew a guy who was dropping off some clients earlier in the day and just asked him to wait until we were ready to go. Because of his help, the return cost half as much as the taxi there!

It was the best overall weekend I’ve had in Zanzibar and I’m so glad I went and would highly recommend the Langi Langi resort to anyone coming here.

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