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Sick day

Posted by on June 27, 2011

On Friday Jaclyn was still feeling sick so Tanya and I went to the office to plan for next week while Jaclyn stayed home to rest.

We were getting a lot done in the morning when I suddenly started to feel very ill. I felt like I was going to throw up and even spent some time in the bathroom just in case. I didn’t vomit but when I walked back to the office my vision suddenly became dark and I felt faint. I don’t think I had a fever but everyone immediately thought I had malaria! They were so concerned that they gave me the rapid diagnostic test (RDT), which fortunately came back negative. I thought I might have food poisoning because the lunch I had the day before was pasta with a cream sauce and shrimp and it sat in the warm car all morning. I sat on the office floor for half an hour then ate some glucose biscuits and started to feel better. Soon I was able to sit in the chair and look at my computer screen. I drank a lot of water and ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and felt much better. My illness came and went in less than an hour.

By 2 pm we finished everything we needed to and Tanya was pretty hungry because she hadn’t had lunch so we called Jaclyn then rode our bikes to town and went to Lazuli’s for lunch. I had a mango banana juice which was so good and a chapatti stuffed with vegetable curry. We then headed to the film festival and watched two short films. One was a documentary about a singer from South Africa and how she made a huge comeback later in life. The other was a documentary about two teenagers growing up in a slum outside Cape Town. It was interesting but ended very suddenly without really wrapping up any loose ends.

After the films we stopped at the grocery store to buy some granola then rode home. Friday evening was the big Shaggy concert at the Old Fort and Tanya planned to go although I passed since I wasn’t really interested. I had some leftovers for dinner then hung out and read a bit then watched some TV. It was a pretty quiet evening but that was just what I wanted.

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