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more GIS training

Posted by on June 10, 2011

Since we didn’t cook dinner the night before, we didn’t have anything for lunch on Thursday so I got up with enough time to make pasta and sauce before we had to go to the office.  Apparently I should not be in charge of making food anymore because I have been making it too spicy.  I put two very small peppers into a lot of pasta sauce and it was a bit spicy, but it was too much for the others.  I’ll have to tone it down in the future.

We spent the morning with another lecture on GIS, focusing on some of the data analysis parts of the software then broke into small groups for the new exercises.  The morning went by quickly and before I knew it, I was hungry for lunch.

After lunch we went back for more training but some of the attendees did not return so we ended a bit earlier that we thought.  Overall the training went well, but I wonder how much GIS will be used here.  When Edmund asked the ZMCP workers about their research that might need to be mapped, they had a hard time coming up with project ideas.  I hope this trip of Edmund’s was not a waste of time!

I wanted to go home after the training but other people wanted to go into town and since they are in opposite directions and taxis are expensive, we decided to go into town.  Edmund really wanted to get coffee so we went to the coffee house but I didn’t have enough money for a drink and dinner and I wasn’t feeling so well either.

We spent a long time hanging out at the coffee shop then walked around town a bit, before going home to make dinner.  I wasn’t feeling hungry so I spent the evening reading my book and went to sleep early.

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