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Wednesday: the day of rest

Posted by on June 3, 2011

The toilet in Tanya’s bathroom wasn’t flushing correctly so we had the landlord send a fundi (repairman) over to look at it. He could only come at 9 am on Wednesday so we needed to be home to let him in. Since we didn’t have much work to do at the office and we were planning on working during the weekend again, we decided to take Wednesday off.

We went running in the morning then relaxed around home until the fundi came. He didn’t take too long because he quickly discovered that he needed a part that he didn’t have. He said he would come back the following day to finish the job.

It was quite a lazy morning spent learning some Swahili and reading Les Miserables.

High tide at the beach was at 3:45 pm, so we rode down there around 1 pm and went swimming and hung out on the dock for a few hours. It truly felt like a mini-vacation.

I went to the yoga class at 5 pm and worked on my balance and head stands. The yoga class is an hour and a half but I really wish it were a bit shorter. Just after 6 pm the mosquitoes really start coming out and you need to put on an extra layer of insect repellent. Also, it gets dark around 6:15 and there are no street lights so riding home in the dark is a bit of an extra adventure. Luckily my bike has a light mounted to the front tire that lights up when you peddle so I can see a bit more. Plus, I always have my headlamp with me, just in case.

When I got home, I was about to heat up some left over curry for dinner when the power went out. I don’t like cold food so I ended up having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner. The power came back on 1.25 hours later, which was good because the still air makes the house quite stifling even with the windows open.

I have been reading Les Miserables for two weeks now and I’m not even half way through. I’m not a fast reader, but it’s a really long book! It’s very interesting and I recommend it, although an abridged version might be just as good.

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