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Getting into a routine

Posted by on May 31, 2011

On Monday morning Tanya and I went running at 6:30 am. Even though the sun rose just a few minutes earlier, it was still hot and sweaty.

Sadly, my nice cool shower was quickly negated by the bike ride to work, which was nearly as sweaty as the run.

We had decided that it might be helpful to get the patient names from the consent forms they signed, however the consent forms were not organized in any way. There are 900 of them. We spent all morning alphabetizing them.

In the afternoon, we printed copies of consent forms and questionnaires, and made more supply packets for the district supervisors. Although we didn’t have much to do, it seemed to take a long time and we didn’t leave work until 4:30.

We needed more drinking water and wanted to get a new 20 liter container, however transporting 20 L of water a half mile without a car is challenging. We decided to bike down the road to a shop that sold them, with me carrying the empty container to return. About half way down, the container slipped from my hand and I slid a bit. It wasn’t exactly a fall, but it was a sudden stop that made me a bit nervous about our plan. Luckily we were right in front of a bike shop and a guy hurried out with a piece of rubber strap and secured the plastic container to the back of my bike with it.

The full water container was a bit harder to handle since it was heavier. Fortunately again, the guy at the water shop had some more rubber straps for us and we were able to secure the container to the back of my bike. It was pretty slow going on the way back with the water sloshing around and throwing me a bit off balance, but we managed just fine. And now I can haul things on my bike like the locals!

The power went out just as we were done cooking dinner so we were happy that we started when we did. We ate in the dark but the power came back on before we went to sleep. Lala salama (good night).

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